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Breakfast – Grab and Go February 7, 2010

Posted by Chad in Food.

imageIf you’re the normal type of person that likes to sleep in a few extra minutes, but also not have to pay five to six bucks in the drive thru for a coffee and breakfast sandwich, have I got a deal for you.

It takes a little bit of time, but overall is more convenient and cheaper.  It’s a self contained breakfast sandwich!

Some folks get fussy when this is called a pasty, because it’s made with bread dough instead of pastry dough.  This tastes more like a kolache with breakfast materials instead of fruit filling.

Simple and delicious, we’re here to show you a ton of shortcuts.

imageFirst the materials.  A bag of those frozen dinner rolls that need to rise for a few hours.  Like this kind.

They’re about the size of a golf ball.  The instructions say take them out and lay in a greased pan for a few hours to thaw.  Don’t grease the pan, I usually just put them on parchment paper to thaw.  About 6 of them on a single half sheet pan.  Let rise for a few hours.

Next, the filling.  Cook bacon or sausage, but not a lot.  2 normal size sausage patties, or about 4 slices of bacon are perfect for all 6 rolls.  Just make sure they’re chopped up nicely before or after cooking.  It takes about 1 egg for every 2 rolls, so scramble up 3 total eggs, but leave them a little under done.  At the last minute, mix in the meat mixture evenly, then pull it all into a bowl and let cool a bit.

imageRoll out the dough into little disks, as flat as you can make them.  Take one egg and beat it with 2 tablespoons of water in a small bowl.  Split up the egg and meat mixture onto each disk, compressing it as much as you can.  Add a little shredded cheese to each if you’d like.  Then, with your finger, dip it in the egg water mixture, and run it around 1/2 of the edge of the dough, coming in about 1/2 inch.  Fold that over on top of the rest, making sure everything is well contained.  Then take a fork and lightly roll it to crimp the edges.  Make it look like this image.  With a small brush you can also lightly coast the tops with the egg water mix.  Finally, stick the tops a few times with a fork, this gives any steam someplace to go besides making a huge mess in the oven.

Then bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

IMG00089-20100207-1333 Making them for the week?  When they’ve come out of the oven and cooled, put them in a baggie in the fridge.  Each morning, just grab one or two, heat it in the microwave till nice and hot, and enjoy.  No mess weekday breakfasts.

To make a complete batch took about 2 minutes to set out the dough.  Then about 10 min to cook the meat and eggs.  Stuffing all six, folding, crimping, etc., was only a couple minutes.  Then 20 min in the oven and they came out golden brown and delicious.



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