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Reboot TV: The Greatest American Hero February 7, 2010

Posted by General Zod in Reboot TV, Sci-Fi, Television.

After my last Reboot TV post, I got to thinking about another old TV favorite of mine… so another re-casting was inevitable.  Woot!

The Greatest American Hero

This show first premiered when I was about 10 years old.  I remember watching the 1st episode very clearly.  I’d seen superheroes on TV before, but I’d never seen one that screamed like a little girl whenever he was flying.  I laughed through the entire thing… I was a loyal viewer from then on.

Now at the time, my family only had one small black-and-white TV in the house, so it was a long while before I realized that Ralph’s “super-suit” was red.  However, the lack of color didn’t bother me.  The idea of the mild-mannered school teacher being thrust into the role of a superhero (who lost the instruction manual) was just outstanding!  I still watch this program in re-runs whenever I happen upon it these days.

As for a reboot, well… I would probably change a few things.

For starters, I think I’d like to put a mask on the super-suit, so there’ll be some time before the people close to Ralph would start to recognize him.

Next, let’s make Pam Davison an Assistant Attorney for the local District Attorney.   The DA could be determined to catch the masked vigilante, which would result in a ton of internal conflict for the Pam character.

Finally, I think we’re going to change the idea of the “special students” class that Ralph teaches.  Instead of his students being a group of teenaged hoodlums in need of discipline, I think I’d prefer it if the kids were tween-aged geniuses at a special private school (that way the series will have a few years before the kids start looking too long-in-the-tooth to be in school).  As a fun subplot, we might have the kids discover their teacher’s secret identity in the 2nd season.  The kids might start off with a little blackmail, but ultimately decide to keep Ralph’s secret.

Oh yean, that’d be fun to watch!

In truth, my main reason for wanting to scale down the age of the students is to aim it at a younger crowd.  As a Dad, I do wish that there was more on TV today that I’d feel comfortable letting my children watch… and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything written towards teaching about morality and family values.  I’d want to do that with this reboot.

Now… whom to cast?  How about…

Paul Rudd
as Ralph Hinkley
Bruce Campbell
as FBI Agent
Bill Maxwell
Liza Weil
as Pam Davidson
Zachary Gordon
as Tony Villicana
Joey King
as Rhonda Blake


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