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Reboot TV: The Amazing Spider-Man February 15, 2010

Posted by General Zod in Reboot TV, Sci-Fi, Television.

It’s time for another TV fantasy reboot!  There aren’t too many people who actually remember this, but there used to be a live-action television series (starring a young Nicholas Hammond) based on the famous wall-crawling web-head back in the late 1970’s.  When I was a kid, I absolutely loved this show.  By today’s standards, the effects were very low budget and cheesy… but I didn’t care then and I wouldn’t care now!

I’m forever a loyal Spider-man fan!

The Amazing Spider-Man

I had two complaints with the TV show from my youth.

First was that it took a lot of liberties with the friends and associates of Peter Parker.  It was very rare for it to mimic the comic book.  I would prefer to see the show as a return to the original storylines… and keep the characters more traditional.

My second issue (at the time) was that Peter Parker and the other characters were adults (young adults, but adults none the less).  And if you’re going to tell the story of Peter Parker, then it really needs to begin in his high school years.  Therefore, I find it only proper to cast everyone accordingly.

As for the rest of the show, I figure we can probably just hand off nearly any Spider-man comic book from the 60’s or 70’s to a screenplay writer, and it can be adapted for the modern day and transformed into scripts for one or more episodes rather easily.  As for the storylines, my only request is that we wait a VERY LONG TIME before we bother introducing the alien symbiote costume storyline (regardless of how popular the Venom character is).  The original storyline was pretty entertaining, but (in my opinion) having it transform into a slobbering muscle-bound psychotic hell-bent on torturing Peter Parker has since snowballed into a huge waste of comic paper… and I don’t think that it quite fits into the original concept of the symbiote that was merely attempting to survive by finding a host body to bond with.

Now for the casting…


Nathan Kress
as Peter Parker
Helen Mirren
as May Parker
James Remar
as J. Jonah Jameson
Bridgit Mendler
as Gwen Stacy
Molly C. Quinn
as Mary Jane Watson
Logan Henderson
as Flash Thompson


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