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Gaming and MoonPie Memories March 4, 2010

Posted by General Zod in Food, Games, Storytime.

I was waxing nostalgic this morning, and started thinking about some old friends that I haven’t laid eyes on in years.  In my early 20’s, I had decided that I wanted to put together a group to play some Dungeons & Dragons.  As a publicly accessible internet was still yet to become commonplace, I decided to send out an invitation to the users on a local BBS to see if anyone else was interested.  Those who responded to my call-to-arms rallied together, and we spent years gaming with pencil, paper, and dice under the moniker of the “Kentucky Fried Gamers”.  (The KFG name had nothing to do with the state or the chicken franchise… but more from a mutual appreciation for a specific film from the ZAZ film trio.)  During our time together, we enjoyed not only D&D, but also… BattleTech, ShadowRun, Twilight 2000, Starfleet Battles, Call of Cthulhu, Alternity, Car Wars, the World of Darkness, and many others.

This group developed into what (at that time) would be my greatest source of friendship and happiness as well as a wealth of heartache and grief.  My time with these people helped to shape me into the person I am today, and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.  We’ve all grown up since then.  In the simplest terms with the most convenient definitions, we’ve become… a software developer, a forklift operator, a virtualization engineer, a project manager, a security consultant, a production artist, and a homemaker.

Now, on to my story…

There was one such night when were were putting the closure on a game of ShadowRun.  I was giving transportation home to some of our miscreants in my little hatchback through a 2am darkness that was clouded by a thin fog.  We always had a grand time together, and no one ever wanted to go home… but we were starting to fade.  And then, Laura spoke up…

Laura:  MoonPies.

Zod:  What?

Laura:  How long has it been since you’ve had a MoonPie?

Zod:  Not since I was a kid…

Esteban:  Oh, I used to love those things!

Mark:  That does sound good.

Zod:  I’ve no idea where to look for them.

Laura:  Zod, please… we need MoonPies.

Now I don’t know if Laura was having some kind of craving or if she just didn’t want the evening to end yet, but I’ll freely admit that I caved.  I’m a sucker for a ginger-haired girl with green eyes… plus, she was wearing this evil little skirt that yelled “LOOK AT ME” to every man she passed.  However, probably more importantly… she was one of my best friends, and I would have denied her nothing within reason.

So the four of us set out upon this quest for a MoonPie.  We drove around for a couple of hours, visiting every grocery and convenience store we passed as we drove through the 3 states that encircle the Wedge.  Eventually, as the light of dawn started to peek over the horizon, we decided that sleep was a bit more important and started for home.

Then, before finally taking them home, I stopped off at the local Petro Truck Stop to fill my gas tank.  Mark and Esteban had both dozed off in the back seat, so Laura and I slipped out to go inside to buy cigarettes.  She immediately headed for the refrigerator section to snag herself a Mountain Dew, and I decided to go for a lousy gas station hot dog with mustard.  Then, as I headed towards the register, I saw them… MoonPies.

Within the array of cookies and cakes displayed in the “sugar isle”, there were MoonPies nestled discretely on the lowest shelf.  Upon pointing them out to Laura, she immediately broke out into her signature “Snoopy Dance”!  The look of joy and rapture that played across her face could not have been mapped to paper without using Cloud Nine and Shangri-La as reference points.  We bought about a dozen in various flavors and shared them with our sleeping comrades.

After dropping Mark and Esteban off at their respective doorsteps, I set out for Rising Sun, MD where Laura and I had each lived.  During the drive, we were chatting about this and that when she (once again) suddenly broke the flow of the conversation and asked me…

Why did we just spend 3 hours looking for MoonPies?

Well, obviously the answer was because she’d desired it… and I told her so.  After a few moments of silence while she pondered my words, she told me that she loved me (though not in an “in love” kind of way, but as one friend pledges a bond to another).  I told her that I returned her affections, and she laughed (as that was apparently painfully obvious to her).  Then, she kissed my cheek… and I knew that she was going to be trouble for me in the future.  🙂

Over time, Laura and I grew apart and eventually stopped communicating with each other.  I got married, and then she did the same a few years later.  I have a lovely bride and 3 great kids… and as I understand it, she’s got at least 2 progeny of her own.  Life’s pretty good right now, so I never bother with the woulda-coulda-shoulda’s… and I wish her well.

banana_moonpie However, I do recall fondly to that early morning drive whenever I have a MoonPie.

My favorite is the banana flavor.



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