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Desslok’s Top 10 Anime March 13, 2010

Posted by Chad in Movies, Sci-Fi, Television, Top Lists.

Just a… well, not a rebuttal, since I agree on a lot, but my response to Zod’s list of his favorite anime.  I’m not sure I’m going to put mine in any order except to flag a few as favorites.

space_battleship_yamatoStar Blazers
It’s what many fans my age first saw on TV that opened their eyes to a cartoon that had dramatic elements, a plotline, and intelligence.
cowboy_bebopCowboy Bebop
Good tunes, good story.  They keep talking about a live action version that would surely ruin it for everyone.
image Excel Saga
It’s just crazy.  Absolutely too many meds and caffeinated crazy.
witch_hunter_robinWitch Hunter Robin
A good watch that makes you want to go out and buy a Vespa and drink espresso.
image Slayers
Lots of fun D&D style adventuring.
image Ergo Proxy
Just started watching it, but seems to me to be a winner.
image Spirited Away
A Favorite.  Some people go for the whole “Miyazaki is a genius” thing, I just really love the story.
image Trigun
A Favorite.  Starts off completely silly but slowly gets darker and more serious in a way that just works.
neon_genesis_evangelionNeon Genesis Evangelion
I guess I’m one of the few that actually got the plot and the ending based on how many folks fuss and whine about not understanding it.  Hmm I wonder what that says about me then.  Also has one of my favorite intros.
martian_successor_nadesicoMartian Successor Nadesico
This would be my #1 choice of all time.  What can I say, it just feels like I’m home when I watch it.


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