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Cinco de Mayo May 5, 2010

Posted by General Zod in Food, Storytime.

At one of my previous jobs, most of the management staff were very serious drinkers… and it didn’t help that there was a bar on the first floor in the back of the same building.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not a prude.  I don’t mind if the folks around me get a little loose and indulge from time to time.  I’ve done my share of drinking over the years.  Heck, I’ve done my share… your share… and John Smith’s share of drinking back in my day.  My record was a 62-hour black-out… but that’s another story (that someone else needs to tell, because I don’t remember a bit of it).  However, there were some folks at this company that raised it to a seriously competitive level.

So each year on Cinco de Mayo, I would fully expect my IT team to be looking to head over to the bar immediately after work to treat themselves.  Sometimes I allowed myself the luxury of these pleasures, and sometimes I excused myself to go home… it mostly depended on my personal schedule and mood.

One year on Cinco de Mayo; Tim, Simon, and myself headed over to the bar.  After having a little dinner, Simon had decided it was necessary for us to power through as much liquor as we could in an hour.

Now, I had a wife and a very young daughter to return home to, so I was looking to depart sooner rather than later (and I didn’t want to come home sloppy drunk).  So after a couple drinks, I started to excuse myself, but they resisted.  To complete my escape, I found it necessary to introduce a lot of bu||shit into the conversation

Zod:  I think that’s it for me.  I really need to get home.

Simon:  No!  You need to help us finish that bottle!  We’re celebrating!

Zod:  What are you celebrating exactly?

Tim:  It’s Cinco de Mayo!!!

Zod:  Why does that matter?  Last time I checked, all 3 of us were predominantly of Celtic decent.

Simon:  It doesn’t matter!  It’s just that Cinco de Mayo comes only once a year, so it should be celebrated!

Zod:  I’m not that big on Cinco de Mayo.  I’m more into celebrating Doce de Noviembre.

Tim:  When’s that?!

Zod:  It comes every November 12th… right between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Simon:  What does it celebrate?

Zod: It commemorates the establishment of the Spanish Inquisition by Ferdinand II and Isabella I in 1478.
(Thank you Wikipedia!)

Tim:  The what?!

Zod:  Witch-hunts in Spain.

Tim:  Cool!

Zod:  I thought you’d like that.

Simon:  We should celebrate it!

Zod:  Well… come November 12th, I’d be glad to tip a glass with you over it.  For now, I must be getting home.

So I left… and it took them a solid week to figure out “Doce de Noviembre” is just the “12th of November” in Spanish… which is about the same time they finally had the realization of what the words “Cinco de Mayo” translated into.

spanish_inquisition No… there is no such official holiday as “Doce de Noviembre”.  And even if there were, why would anyone celebrate the witch-hunts of the Spanish Inquisition?  (Unless, of course, you’re a Monty Python fan.)

However, November 12th only comes but once a year.  So why not celebrate it anyway?!  Sometimes I miss Tim and Simon.  🙂



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