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Lost’s Biggest Unanswered Questions May 25, 2010

Posted by General Zod in Sci-Fi, Television.

lost I’ve been following Lost since the beginning, and was very interested to see how the series finale may resolve a few storylines.  I had DVR’ed the final episode and didn’t the opportunity to watch it until last night (so I had been avoiding all discussions of it for the 24 hours in between the airing and my viewing of it).

Now that I’ve seen it, I can say that I’m impressed.  The writers managed to write a final episode that not only kept me asking questions, but also gave me a sense of conclusion for the series.  While I would have appreciated a few more answers, I can accept that not everything must be revealed… and all in all, I found the final episode to be a rather satisfying conclusion to the story.

So this morning, I was searching around this morning and found an online article written for Alabama Local News that talked about the big questions that I was hoping for answers to, but will most likely never come now.  So I decided that I would respond to this one specific article.

Here are the unanswered questions as stated in the article:

  1. dharma_initiative What happened to the Dharma Initiative? They came to the island in the interest of bettering mankind but were purged at the hands of Ben and the Others. Why didn’t they return and what are they up to now?

    Well… obviously the Dharma Initiative is still out there.  Otherwise, how do you explain the parachute food drops?  However, I figure that the executives of this organization understand what’s happening on the island (at least in some sense) and have come to realize how dangerous it is to be on the island.  Therefore, they have resigned themselves to assisting the inhabitants from a distance with supplies.  They’re probably working many other smaller projects around the globe, but the island was the biggest project attempted by the organization.

    While a TV spin-off probably won’t happen, I do suspect that we will continue to see Dharma-brand grocery props hidden as easter eggs throughout science fiction and conspiracy theory TV shows and movies from now on.

  2. aaron_littleton What’s the big deal about Aaron? Claire Littleton’s psychic told her it was critical that her baby, Aaron, be raised by her and only her. Skip ahead a few seasons and Charlie Pace’s ghost has the same message for Jack Shepherd who’s now raising Claire’s toddler with Kate Austen after their escape from the island. Again we ask, what’s the big deal about the kid?

    That’s the one and only question that I was anxious to have an answer to.  What kind of vicious homicidal maniac, devious serial killer or cruel totalitarian dictator does Aaron grow up to be?!?!?!

    I was hoping beyond hope for one last flash forward to spell out these details, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Of course, with Claire ultimately returned to Aaron, then perhaps that detail never had to be played out.

  3. mother Who is Mother? Jacob and his evil twin’s adoptive mom had a lot of explaining to do, but she never did. What’s her story? Where does she come from? And who was the island’s custodian before her?

    I got the impression that the “Across the Sea” episode felt a bit like a cross between a Shakespearean tragedy and a Greek/Roman myth.  This nameless “mother” with no history comes to take these children from their birth-mother, and raises them as her own towards a specific purpose while forever weaving on her loom.  Eventually, she passes on her “powers” to Jacob, only to be killed by “The Other” one.  Without an insight into the writers’ inspiration, I’d have to continue on with the “mythology” feel of the episode and guess that this woman is a physical manifestation of “Fate” that was placed upon the island for the divine purpose of protecting mankind.

  4. tawaret The giant Egyptian statue of Tawaret was built by whom? We know other cultures have camped out on the island throughout its history, but come on. The statue’s construction is kind of a big undertaking. As is the temple that looks more Southeast Asian than Egyptian.

    Honestly, I don’t think that this detail is important to the story.  Yes, it would be interesting to learn how this statue came to be.  However, I’ve got no answers for you other than saying that… obviously, Mother-Fate, Jacob and Nemesis (as I like to call the Man-in-Black) were not the first inhabitants of the island.

  5. smoke_monster What is the smoke monster? Sure, we know who it is. And we know how the Man in Black got his super powers. (Way to go, Jacob.) But why did the island’s light make dark of an unconscious cave spelunker? What’s with the lightning? Why does it seem to scan its victims’ memories? And what’s with the tick-a, tick-a, tick-a?

    Some people believe that saying that Nemesis “turned into the Smoke Monster” was enough of an origin for the creature.  However, I don’t believe so.  We’ve seen that the Smoke Monster can take on the form and personality of anyone dead on the island (Locke, Yemi, etc… but I’m still trying to figure out the manifestations of Walt).  So I figure that the monster was already on the island, and being held captive by Mother-Fate.  Then, it was the death of Jacob’s brother that simply “woke it up”.

    So what is it?  A manifestation of the force of evil?  Perhaps… but I don’t think anyone will ever know for sure.



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