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Remove Black Bar from Bottom of Videos in WMP September 11, 2010

Posted by General Zod in Microsoft, Tech.

image One of my old work colleagues hit me up via IM today and asked me if I knew how to remove the “black bar” that appears beneath the videos he’s playing in Windows Media Player.  His videos were playing just fine for months, and then one day the bar appeared and he hasn’t been able to get rid of it since.  He said that it doesn’t really effect the functionality of the media player software, but it’s really annoying.

Well… I knew how to fix the issue (or, at least, how to fix it every time I’ve seen the issue in the past).  However, it struck me as curious that my friend would not have found the solution after a few internet searches.  (He’s usually very self-sufficient.)

So I Google’d the problem a few ways to see what answers were out there, and I saw several different forum posts that were directing folks to jump through a lot of hoops for just the mere hope of a resolution.  Some of the suggested solutions included… installing new codec packs, reinstalling Windows Media Player, installing alternate media player software, and in one case… updating the firmware on the system hardware.

Well… I can’t promise that the following resolution will work 100% of the time, but it has worked every time for me so far.  So I wanted to share it with anyone who might be looking for it.  Before you jump through a ton of uninstall/reinstall steps, then give the following resolution a quick try…

image Resolution:

Open up Windows Media Player.  Then, click Play from the top menu.  Select Lyrics, Captions, and Subtitles; and confirm that it is set to OFF.

Alternately, you can toggle this option with Ctrl+Shift+C.  (I figure most folks with this issue probably accidentally turned this feature on by thick-fingering a Copy function.)

How is it now?  Better?



1. DC - April 12, 2012

HALLELUJAH. Thank you. I was a little nonplussed when this specific issue happened to me and was afraid it was some kind of virus or something infecting my media player. It didn’t help that when I Googled “black bar,” more articles seemed more related to the widescreen/4:3 ratio problem than what I was seeing. Glad I found this one.

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