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Board Lickin’ Good January 10, 2011

Posted by Chad in Food.

Cutting board that is.  So you may have a taste for some bbq meat, but it’s too cold out side, or you don’t have the equipment.  Well, this recipe for bbq beef brisket should help get you through.  New wives, this is something so easy to make it’s almost impossible to burn it, and you’ll really make your husband very very happy.

Go to the store and buy a beef brisket.  Whichever size looks good and you have a baking dish about that size.  Or pick up an aluminum throw away one while you’re at the store.  You want no more than an inch gap roughly around the side of the meat.  And a bottle of good bbq sauce, I used some Sticky Fingers Habanero Hot style.  Liquid Smoke too if you really want that smokey taste.

Turn your oven on to 275°.  Put the brisket in the baking dish, with the fat side up.  Pour on the bottle of bbq sauce until it’s about a third to halfway up the side of the meat.  Don’t go overboard, it’s better to add more when serving.  Cover the pan with aluminum foil, trying to tent it so it doesn’t press down on the meat.

And stick it in the oven for 7-8 hours or so.

P1100021When it’s done, let it sit out for about another half hour if you can wait that long.  Put it on the cutting board, and cut it in thin slices across the grain, which should be pretty easy to see with this cut of beef.  The key is against the grain, as brisket has very long fibers, you’re just cutting them up into very short fibers.  I use an electric slicer to get through it quickly, and then put all the pieces back in the baking dish so more sauce will stick to it.  This is where you’ll most likely take a taste of what’s on the cutting board, and probably start licking up the remains.

Serve on tasty rolls, or just right on a plate.



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