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Zod’s Top 10 Doctor Who Companions January 25, 2011

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I’ve been waxing nostalgic over Doctor Who lately… mostly by reading various articles off of Wikipedia.  Yesterday, I was discussing the show briefly with a work colleague who asked…

Which of the Doctor Who companions do you like the best?

Well… this grand question was demanding to be answered!  So I put together a Top 10 list of my personal favorites.  Please, read on…


victoria_waterfield #10:  Victoria Waterfield

Yes, I know… Victoria may have started off as a fragile 19th-century girl who does her fair share of screaming, but she’s definitely got a strength about her that the Doctor allows her to bring out.

Sadly, I’ve only ever had the pleasure of seeing this companion in “The Tomb of the Cybermen” story (a personal favorite!).  Most of what I know about Victoria has come from reading a few of the story novelizations, since many episodes from this era have been lost.

romana_1 #9:  Romana

Since they’re technically the same character, I have to lump both incarnations of Romana together; but that’s OK because it’s hard to decide on which one I liked more!

When she first joined the Doctor, she was somewhat arrogant to him, and kept hitting him with rather cutting remarks.  To me, this made Romana I a rather intriguing character.

romana_ii Then, since she was a Time Lady from Gallifrey, she could regenerate herself into a new body (yes… every man’s secret dream girl).  And so enters Romana II.  She had a much closer relationship with the Doctor, but I thought that this made her a bit less interesting.  However, Romana II did have some moments where she had the advantage and would out-shine the Doctor intellectually.

jack_harkness #8:  Jack Harkness

What’s not to enjoy about a fun-loving, bold-as-brass immortal time-traveler and former con man from the 51st century?  Jack was an awesome character in the beginning… and he probably would have probably had a higher ranking on this list if it weren’t for the “Torchwood” series.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed “Torchwood”.  It was a fun ride.  However, as the series progressed, more and more details were revealed about Jack’s past that started to make him a much less likeable character.  Yes, for this list I should probably only gauge him using the events of his time with the Doctor, but it’s hard to gauge the character without using all the known information.

leela#7:  Leela

Yes, I know that Leela was originally designed to be an unsophisticated “Eliza Doolittle” type character for the Doctor to gentle and enlighten, but I thought she was perfect just the way she was!  Let’s face it… Louise Jameson was just dead sexy as the knife-wielding tough-as-nails savage warrior woman in a tight, short leather dress!  There’s absolutely no reason for her to change …and God help the man who tries.
amy_pond #6:  Amy Pond

This wild ginger-haired beauty has certainly captured my attention… but what I love most about her is the in-charge attitude she adopts when she’s not getting the answers she wants (such as trapping the Doctor’s necktie in a car door to make him stop long enough to talk to her properly).

Although… I’m not too found of how much the Doctor has inadvertently integrated himself into Amy’s entire life history as her “Raggedy Doctor”.  Amy is a really fun character, and I wouldn’t change her.  However, I find myself feeling sad for her fiancé… as she has spent most of her life developing this romanticized idea of the Doctor that Rory will never be able to compete with.

k9#5:  K-9

If you’re not aware of it, K-9 is a robot dog with an immeasurable artificial intelligence.  In truth, the robot’s friendly demeanor, short stature, and high voice were designed to endear him to children… but we adults like him too!

There have been four separate K-9 units throughout the years.  The Mark I model was left with Leela when she left to stay on Gallifrey.  The Mark II unit was left in the parallel universe of E-Space as a companion for the departing Romana II.  The Mark III was sent to Sarah Jane Smith; supposedly to guide and protect her during the adventures that the Doctor knew she’d be having.  And then years later, they were briefly reunited with the Doctor, but the Mark III was destroyed soon after.  Before his departure, the Doctor left Sarah Jane the Mark IV unit to continue to help in her future endeavors.

sarah_jane_smith#4:  Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane is a long-time favorite.  Lots of folks really like her for her tenure alongside of Tom Baker, but I always liked her because she’s “one tough bird”.  She’s a smart, sexy, independent woman who speaks her mind and kicks tail when it’s necessary.  I couldn’t be more pleased that the “Sarah Jane Adventures” have continued the stories for this iconic character.

rose_tyler #3:  Rose Tyler

I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting much from Billie Piper when the series revival first started, but she was brilliant!  I have to give kudos to the writers who gave her great material to work with, because I was sold on Rose from the first episode.  As she transitioned from Doctor #9 to Doctor #10, I even signed off on the blossoming Doctor/Rose relationship… and found myself heartbroken when they were forever separated in the “Doomsday” episode.  Rose gets high billing in my book, because of the emotional rollercoaster I took throughout her story… and that doesn’t happen to me very often.

donna_noble #2:  Donna Noble

I loved Donna Noble because she returned Doctor Who to it’s original formula.  There wasn’t any need for exploring romantic feelings between her and the Doctor; because she just wasn’t interested in him in that way.  They were pals… nothing more.  And their platonic relationship allowed the show to bring back the old school fun!

When she was transformed into the “Doctor-Donna”, I was so excited at the possibilities!  The idea of having a human transform into a Time Lord was very intriguing… but then the writers lost their nerve, and wrote in a forced memory wipe because her mind couldn’t handle that level of knowledge.  Personally, I think it would have been just as easy for her to “evolve” and take off for parts unknown.  At least that way, there’d always be the possibility for her story to continue.

ace #1:  Ace!

I absolutely adore everything about Dorothy “Ace” Gale McShane.  I admire her satin bomber jacket – covered in badges.  I like her rucksack that seems to hold nearly anything that’s needed; including many tins of Nitro-9 explosive!  I’m crazy for her slang, and that she seems to insist upon addressing the Doctor with the nickname “Professor”.  I respect the passionate loyalty with which she defends her friends.  I admire how behind her rough demeanor is a confident young woman with a brilliant mind.

Put simply… I love Ace!  Always have… always will.

Recently, there was a mention thrown out in an episode of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” that stated… “Oh, and there’s a Dorothy something. She runs that company, A Charitable Earth (ACE). She’s raised billions.”  I’m not ashamed to say that this mention has planted me firmly on the edge of my seat in eager anticipation of the return of Ace!  I’d love for her to be written back into the Whoniverse in some way.  (Although, I have been wishing the she would return in some epic capacity… like as the commander of the missing Torchwood 4 facility!)



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