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Clear the VDP Error “Operation failed due to existing snapshot” April 3, 2014

Posted by Chad in Backup, Tech, VMware.

So you’re deploying the VMware Data Protection product, and one of your VMs won’t backup.  Checking the failed task, you see the error “Operation failed due to existing snapshot.”

Checking the snapshots screen for that VM, you don’t see any.  You even try to consolidate, and it still doesn’t work.

Don’t worry, easy fix.

  • In the Datastores view, find the VM in the Browse Datastore.
  • Do a Storage Migration of the VM to another datastore.
  • When the Migration has completed, view the old location in Browse Datastore again.  You’ll see a couple leftover files, go ahead and delete that whole old folder now.
  • Either:
    • Shutdown the VM, and turn it back on again.
    • VMotion it to another host.
  • Try your backup, it should work now.


1. jihefge - September 12, 2014

Thaks a lot ! it works 😉

2. D@ny - December 3, 2014

Thanks 🙂 It works for me 🙂

3. scooterphoenix - December 18, 2014

worked for me.

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