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Building a new vCenter onto a Distributed Switch July 10, 2012

Posted by General Zod in Networking, Tech, VMware.
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Normally, I would keep my vCenter on the default Simple vSwitch so that it rides on the same VLAN that the ESXi Hosts exist on.  When you’re planning your environment, it’s always wise to keep the old KISS adage in mind:

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Well… recently, I had a customer who had separated all of their ESXi Hosts to a dedicated VLAN, and had (due to some remote access rules that were put in place for another customer) placed their vCenter on a separate VLAN accessed via a PortGroup on a Distributed vSwitch which leveraged trunking ports.  This provided a small challenge…



How to Reset a Cisco Router to Factory Defaults January 13, 2011

Posted by General Zod in Networking, Tech.

So I get a call from a blast from the past… Annabelle, or Anna for short.  Anna is an old comrade from my days as a “road technician”.  Everyone who meets Anna never forgets her, because she’s a very fit female who’s personality is similar to that of a piece of pink bubblegum.  (This means that she’s fun and sweet, but if you get too daring with her, she could explode all over you.)